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Privacy Policy

Your use of https://upload.engrz.com site is governed by Engrz this Privacy Policy. The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to disclose what services we provide, how the information you store at the Engrz Upload may be used, and how such information is both protected and made available on our Web site. This privacy policy may change from time to time, so you are encouraged to check the page regularly. Engrz Upload will operate this Web site according to the Privacy Policy that is posted at the time. When you upload your files to the Engrz Upload server, we will provide you with a unique URL to download or share your file. Engrz Upload will provide your file to any web browser requesting your unique URL. Engrz Upload has the right to review your file contents for violations of our Terms of Use. If Engrz Upload determines your file is in violation of Engrz Upload Terms of Use the file will be removed and further actions can be taken in regard of such violation. We reserve the right to cancel your files from our systems.

IMPORTANT: By uploading files to Engrz Upload you agree they become publicly available and confirm you have legitimate rights to make these files public. You are responsible for any possible violation of third party rights related to uploaded content in case if this content is not in public domain or you don't have legitimate rights to make the content publicly available. Engrz Upload will not attempt to access your files at any time unless explicitly instructed to do so by you. We do not own the contents. Engrz Upload will only have access to your files for purposes of troubleshooting.

Access to your information

You have the right to access, upload and download your files at any time. You may also grant access to your files to other persons by providing the download link to your audience. If for some reason you cannot access your file on Engrz Upload, Please contact: afaque@engrz.com

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